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At Raven Soft we work closely with our clients and take great pride in the strong relationships we have with all of them. This helps us make sure that every Raven Soft product, whether pre-developed or bespoke, is always tailored exactly to meet your needs, budget and business objectives.

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About Raven Soft Design

Raven Soft Design is a bespoke software house specialising in web design and online application development. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex but work with clients throughout the county and in to London, Suffolk and Norfolk. Evolving steadily from home grown talent our aim is to continue to provide the personal service of a small business, with the resources and professionalism of a much larger company.

All our programmers and designers are active contributors within their fields and have their fingers firmly on the pulse of what is new and happening. Our jobs are not just work for us, it's our passion!

A Direct Approach to Web Design

Raven Soft Design Limited

As skilled and experienced developers we have all the talent necessary to complete your projects from start to finish without any outsourcing. Using our years of experience in web design we have developed a fresh, modern approach to project management. This means a smooth development from start to finish while allowing us to keep down our costs without sacrificing quality or service.

You will always speak directly to a fully experienced web expert, cutting out the middle men and sparing you the sales speak. Upon commissioning a job with us you get your own personal designer and web specialist who will communicate directly with you throughout the entire project. Your brief gets directly to the designer this way and isn't diluted as it's passed from person to person, ensuring you get exactly what you need and ask for. You will never have to "jump through hoops", we are here to help you and we make sure you get all the personal attention and service you require.

Lasting Relationships

Far too often have we heard the stories about web companies that once they have delivered your website either disappear or charge a small fortune for advice and updates. We take great pride in the long lasting relationships we have with all our clients and are here to support you for the whole life cycle of your web site. Most minor tweaks and updates are free, and should you require any major updates we still offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We always promise to answer all your questions honestly and quickly.

Unique Designs

Many design companies are happy to keep churning our rehashes of previous designs, or to work from pre-purchased templates. At Raven Soft every design is an original. Our designers are always looking at fresh new styles and take influences from many modern and classical sources. We always give you choices and look to provide all our clients with alternative ways to achieve the look they are after.

Rich Features & Functional Designs

Whatever your needs, be it a simple web brochure to a fully bespoke system, we have the skills to make it happen. Our sites always use the very latest in programming techniques offering both a rich user experience on the front with an efficient, manageable program underneath. We always work with the user in mind but importantly we can do it without compromising the overall efficiency and quality of your final product.

Help & Support

Raven Soft Design Help and Support
Out of Hours Support

With our team all being experts in their fields it would be very easy for people to get lost in our technical speak. Don't worry though we know that and that's why we speak in plain English. Our experience in dealing with clients from all types of technical and business backgrounds means we know how to explain ourselves and don't need to fall back on any unnecessary jargon. We are here to help you with your project from start to finish and we help you to understand each and every step of the way.

We understand that running a website is a 24 hour process. We don't suddenly disappear at 5:30pm, we monitor e-mails and server logs outside of normal business hours and have back up and emergency procedures in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong. Your site is safe with us and we are always here to help no matter the time or the date.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Raven Soft really have a great set up. They exceed all our expectations on our project and really we couldn't be happier. Our contact was extremely friendly and helpful, he is still helping us expand and grow even now long after the project is complete. This is a A+ product with an double A* after service.
Jay Turner, Business Coach
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